European style kids chair

Product Description

Using different kinds of wood fiber as raw materials and relying on Xinmu-Furniture unique fabrication process, we can produce a new type of household product with one-piece molding and green environmental protection. The product of this process is better than common solid wood furniture in physical and chemical properties.This retro European-style children chair can carry an adult’s weight. It is vivid with exquisite painting/pasting process and lifelike carving patterns. Every detail displays luxury. The production is green environmental and pollution-free. We don’t add any harmful substances such as formaldehyde in raw materials. This production process has received strong support and recognition from the National Academy of Engineering and the municipal government.In order to cater to children’s interests and preferences, we have matched various colors and patterns on paint, leather and soft package to win the favor of children and parents.This product is suitable for children aged 3 to 12. Safe, solid, green and environmentally friendly products are more conducive to the growth of children. Mixing products of different colors and decorations will also create a gorgeous family living environment.

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