Zhejiang new wood material science and Technology Co., Ltd. is a scientific and technological company specializing in the research and development of new biomass composite materials, product design, manufacturing and sales. The company\'s \"composite micron biomass material industry integration project\" has developed a high fluidity composite micron biomass green environmental protection material and a high-efficiency automatic manufacturing system of one-time extrusion molding by cooperating with Ningbo Institute of materials, Northeast Forestry University, Nanjing Forestry University and other top academician teams of domestic forestry disciplines. The application of this technology has completely changed the design concept and development direction of the traditional home manufacturing industry, making products more artistic, superior quality and performance, and easier to scale and standardize production.

Since 2009, the entrepreneurial team and its company have received the key support from the state and the provinces and cities, and have been listed in the special research project of forestry public welfare industry of the State Forestry Administration. The state has given 12 million yuan of reward support for the special project. Ningbo strategic emerging industry \"one project one discussion\" enjoys the comprehensive support policy. After nine years of basic innovation and R & D, the company\'s scientific research team has spent more than 100 million yuan to tackle key problems. It is the first in the world to create the high flow theory and glue free combination theory of biomass wood fiber composite materials. The innovative achievements \"key technology and application of bionic construction of new biomass composite materials\" and \"manufacturing technology of micro wood fiber shaped molded furniture components\" have been successively approved by academician Zhang Qisheng and Academician Li Jian and other authoritative experts at home and abroad identified that the technology has filled in the gaps at home and abroad and reached the international leading level. The new wood fiber materials and equipment have completed the continuous small batch production verification from product size to complexity. The project technology is highly efficient and ecological, using artificial fast-growing wood, low-value wood, small-diameter wood (straw, bamboo, rattan), urban waste wood products, urban green plant residues and other materials. Through 37 authorized invention patents and original technology of utility model, the new biomass wood fiber composite material is produced, which solves the problems of compatible wettability, mechanical strength, water resistance, fluidity and armour Aldehyde content and other technical difficulties can widely replace metals, plastics and other materials, so as to provide new ecological and environmental protection application materials and manufacturing equipment for various fields and industries, and form new economic growth points in more national economic fields. After large-scale industrialization and productization, it can effectively solve the social practical problems such as the classified use of urban waste and renewable resources, the disorderly burning of straw into haze, the efficient use of natural degradation biomass materials, and minimize the white pollution and the excessive consumption of resources, so as to provide a positive solution for the green ecological development and sustainable development of China\'s economy and society Case. In particular, the high-efficiency and high-value use of small-diameter and low-value timber in mountain areas and forest areas can fully help the national accurate poverty alleviation strategy, provide new channels and paths for people\'s industries to get rich and get rid of poverty, and practice the concept of \"green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains\".

The company is still exploring greater industrial development space, actively cooperating with leading enterprises in automobile parts, building decoration materials and other fields, hoping that new wood materials can become the application materials to change the development of the world like plastics, and make unremitting efforts to open a wonderful \"new wood\" era for human society.

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